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       Yunsheng Holdings Limited was established in. 1991. After twenty years of continuous development and expansion, has formed a production, research and development and sales, with Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd., Ningbo Yunsheng Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Yunsheng High-Tech Manufacturing Research Institute, more than 1O companies and research entities of large enterprise groups, a total of more than five thousand employees, the total assets of nearly 60 billion yuan, China's top 500 manufacturing column. Group's largest subsidiary under eleven Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd. in 2000 1O months in Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation "Ningbo Yunsheng", stock code "600366"). 2010, the company has successfully acquired the Japanese Nikko Electric Industry Co., Ltd., to achieve leapfrog development overseas.
       Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise academician workstation station unit, postdoctoral research station unit, National Electronic Information hundred enterprises, under the jurisdiction of more than a dozen scientific research, production and management of the subsidiaries. The company was included in the best value for money for several years and the largest scale industrial enterprises in Zhejiang Province. NdFeB is one of the leading products Yunsheng, it is an internationally developed in the past decade was the high-tech material, widely used in national defense, medical, electronic information and other fields. Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd. is a servo-controlled Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Division subordinate units, specializing in the development of servo motors, production, sales and service, is the largest-scale extends from the magnetic material to the business of the permanent magnet motor One. With Ningbo Yunsheng technical background and solid strength of the support, in order to "do the industry leaders' vision for enterprise guidelines, relying on strong R & D capability, dynamic market development team, improve customer service system, successfully developed servo rubber and plastics machinery and equipment and motor as a system integrator partners, customer development mission to technological innovation as the fundamental, committed to providing efficient, energy-saving, clean source of power and professional technical solutions. Products have covered more than 20 domestic provinces and cities, cost-effective products market positioning to get the customer's favor, the market prospect. Enterprise development objectives are: to become the best quality, lowest cost, highest customer satisfaction of energy-saving motors specialist.
       Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd. has been recognized in the 1998 National Science and Technology as a national key high-tech enterprise, a representative of the highest level of Chinese leader in the relevant art. Innovation is still unshaken gene Yunsheng inception. Yunsheng has academician workstation, post-doctoral research station, has assumed the six national "863" project, won a National Science and Technology Progress Award, a National Technology Invention and three Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award and other honors . In addition to the senior engineer, Ph.D. at the core of the research team, rhyme or also with universities and specialized research institutions at home and abroad extensive cooperation, relying on the theoretical basis of the college and professional research institutions have, the use of international advanced finite element analysis software ANSYS MAXWELL, Arlsofl [SImDlorer and mechanical structural finite element analysis software, simulation of various products, greatly shorten the development cycle and improve the success rate of product development. Pursuit of perfection, from R & D to production, from standard applications to individual needs, become the driving force and improve product performance and quality.
       Yunsheng look from the customer point of the company's product design and production processes, identifying value-added activities and waste production to customer demand for cost-effective products; and the use of JlT, a stream, error proofing, fast converting other methods of production, will stay home all regarded as waste, inventory, production funds used, plant utilization, management costs were continually optimized to improve the overall efficiency of funds; at the same time according to customer demand inputs and outputs, so that customers can accurately in need time to get the desired product. Yunsheng to meet customer needs-based, constantly on the various aspects of continuous improvement.
       Quality from the standard, quality comes from the focus, for the quality of attitude, but rhyme or corporate ethics lies. From raw materials to finished products, each product must be detected through the layers. First, from raw material procurement chain started by the quality of the raw materials for quality inspectors identified substandard raw materials fully eliminated. In the manufacturing process, each of the design and technology, have experienced as many as dozens of laboratory experiments, field technical guidance and quality control personnel, the entire production management and quality monitoring by. Finished products, not only by almost demanding high standards of quality inspection, inspectors need more years of practical experience in the carping. After products enter the market, in order to make the product better play value, rhyme or develop service network throughout the country, to allow customers greater ease.
       China's manufacturing industry from the fight "scale" to more than "core competencies" of the era. Because understand this, as the representative of Chinese manufacturing enterprises a Yunsheng, as early as ten years ago, they begin to actively seek industrial transformation and upgrading of the road. As a listed company, rhyme or will all raise capital are invested in the upgrading of industrial and technological innovation and the formation of a large team. Yunsheng from traditional mechanical manufacturing started, step by step towards a high-tech enterprise in the field: from low-value materials to control the high-tech NdFeB permanent magnets: from high-energy production, the eco-friendly hybrid technology; from simple machinery, to humane, intelligent and creative combination of mechanical: Yunsheng into every area, is where the world's manufacturing focus is the inevitable direction of development of new industries, and also to create greater value for customers. When many manufacturers have to join the real estate and other financial areas, rhyme or still adhere to manufacturing, "wheat", dedicated to industrial upgrading and product upgrading. As the original rhyme or become the world's largest music box manufacturers, through the optimization and upgrading of industrial technological innovation and perseverance, rhyme or have already come to create works of art as a product manufacturing, the pursuit of excellence, obsessed with flawless, because we have to do in the exclusive domain The "industry leaders."
       Adhering to the "based on new materials, new energy and mechatronics industry, is committed to the development of energy-efficient green products," the corporate mission, to face a new round of competition in the industry, we are ready to go.

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